Why does my sister's boyfriend have a bigger penis?

I’m 19 years old and my sister’s boyfriend is 18 years old. We were peeing in the bathroom urinals one time and caught each other looking at the other’s penis. His penis is clearly 2 inches longer than me and he is younger than me.

I’m older. I should have the bigger penis.

Why does my sister’s boyfriend have a bigger penis?


  1. You are one year older than him, that is hardly a difference, both of you have mostly matured by now.
    And it just happens that way, age does not give you a bigger penis.

  2. Man,

    You got a serious case of penis envy, don’t you?

    First of all, you were both flaccid while urinating, so it doesn’t really count. He is just a guy that happened to have a large dick at the time. What really counts is what happens when you get hard, because that’s when the penis is put into action. It’s one thing to look great in the shower, it’s another thing entirely when you are preparing for intercourse.

    Having said that, genetics is what’s in play here. He may simply have a larger penis due to genetics, not due to age. You may have an average length and he may be just a bit above average. I am amazed that you were able to get such an exact measurement just from a quick crotch shot at the urinals. Are you sure your estimate is so accurate? You may be getting all worked up over an estimate.

    Maybe you should be more direct. "Dude, you sure did seem pretty well hung when we were peeing that day. How big are you, anyway?"

  3. Hi,

    Correct answer: we all have different sizes and shapes of penises.
    Age, your height, weight, size of any body parts have nothing to do with size of penis.

    You might be 6’5 and have a tiny 1" penis. While your friend who is 5’0 might have 9 " long.

    Study the source.

    Take care

  4. Rich your man tool size comes from your gene pool you probibly come from a family that has shorter penises and his family has larger penises. It all is predetermined by your genes on what size your tool will be like the color of your eyes and shape of your nose. not your age. Sounds like your sister is going to have a great time with his tool maybe that is why she keeps him around \\\


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