how to make my penis bigger without drugs?

I’m 13 years old.When my penis is soft its 3.5 in.When its hard its 5 in.I want to ask how to make it bigger or is it going to be bigger?



    It’s going to grow dude, relax.
    You’re still young.

  2. your kidding, your only 13, worry about gettin pubes first

  3. ur gonna get an STD…just tellin you

  4. chill out.
    your penis wont stop growing til your 21.
    i assume you dont want to have sex now anyway.

  5. bethpihlaja

    your only 13 if your not done growing then it will get bigger why are you worried about it anyway your only 13 shouldn’t you still be playing with trucks not you penis?

  6. deathnotefann

    young grasshopper it will get bigger no lie i thought mine wouldnt but now its big aaaaaaand some ppl dont want big ones cuz you cant have sex if its to big it hurts the girl so there we go and good luck lol

  7. You can’t dude. Only time will solve that deal.

  8. step1. with your index finger and your thumb, make an o around your dick
    step 2. squeeze your dick and force all the blood upwards to the head of your dick
    step 3. repeat this for 10 minutes a day for 5 days. this should make your dick .25 inches bigger. good luck

  9. im 13 teen and my penis is 5.1 inchs on a flop and 6.9 inches on a bonner is that small

  10. I’m 14 and when my penis is floppy its 2.362 . And when I have a boner its 5.118 and I think that’s small

  11. jhon francis cajes

    MY dick measure 1.2 inch in bonner 2 inch im 15 years old help me…

  12. David Tufts

    You guys are a bunch of dumbasses. Honestly. Just wait liKe 8 Years and it’ll get HuGE.

  13. shave off all your pubes(if you have any) then jerk off using liquid soap then about 5 days you will have a porn star penis

  14. I am an adult but I always fill as ladies looking down on my penis, please help me thanks

  15. Im eat medicine and name exmax and it said my dick get big it not true

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