How to make your penis bigger without using any pills or a penis pump?

I’m 15 and im 5 1/2 and i need to know please is there any way you can make a penis grow bigger and faster


  1. Hi,
    There are many ways you can make your penis bigger, such as jelquing or using devices to stretch the penis. I have personally tried both and had great success with a traction device that slowly stretched my penis and made it longer by 2" and thicker also. It did take half a year however so it isn’t an overnight thing. If you are commited you can succeed.

  2. theres no need to rush it my penis got bigger when i wuz like 17…ull get ther

  3. No need to rush yourself, I’m 16 1/2 and my penis is 5.2 inches long, and I’m perfectly fine. I haven’t heard any complaining from my girlfriend anyway.

  4. please call me

    You always could,tie a rope to it.Then tie the other end to a tree.
    Then run like hell !

  5. No you CAN NOT make your penis bigger – the size is determined by genetics. The pills and pumps don’t work so don’t waste your time and money. Why do you think you need a bigger penis?????? Do not listen to anyone that tells you anything different – size is irrelevant – you can still give and receive pleasure and make babies regardless of how "big" your penis is. Be happy with what you have – it is the only body you get.!!!!

  6. TheRealAcid9

    Although the penis mostly develops during puberty, it can continue to grow until around age 25. So you still have plenty of time to let nature take its course.

    Aside from that I can tell you I’ve researched male enhancement through the American Medical Association, the American Urological Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics even the Library of Congress and other major medical organizations. I have never once come across a real doctor that endorsed the use of a pill, device or technique that can permanently nor safely enlarge the penis. In fact, if anything, I’ve only found doctors that argue against the use of pills or whatever else. The only benefit such things really have is as an alternative to viagra. That’s it. And any gain in size you might get is minimal at best (like 1/4 – 1/2 inch) and it only lasts as long as you continue to use which ever method.

    The only way you can permanently enlarge your penis is through surgery which can have irreversible side affects that can ruin your sex life.

  7. Jelq / Jelqing is the only in a way "proven" technique. google it, hoped i helped lol

  8. Loverme L

    it will grow up naturally till21 years age genes based and worlds average is 6 ins ur 5 1/2 already

  9. zeppu890

    it is good as it is :)

  10. Jelqing exercises can help you but you need to jelq every day. In my opinion, penis is a part of body and you can make it bigger with exercises like another parts. Penis exercises(also called Jelqing) is a natural and safest way to enlarge your penis. Here is a good article about the truth of jelqing exercises(step by step). It’s very useful for you.

    Have fun!

  11. At 15 I think your penis is a healthy size and will continue to grow for a few years yet, I don’t think you should be concerned as anything you try at your age could cause long term damage.

    5 1/2 inches is a good size for a 15 year old.

  12. I’m surprised at how pumps work. I’m 17 and lost my v card at 14 because i accidentally flashed a hot girl. Now I’m gettin laid at least once a week……so my answer is yes use a pump you will be surprised

  13. im 17 and iv never needed a pump or pills im 5’9 with a 7.5 inch penis i think you get what you got you just need to know how to use it.

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