Do women use vinegar to tighten up their vaginal lips?

Do women use vinegar to tighten up their vaginal lips? someone told me this, but i find it hard to believe.

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  1. Ah that’s why it tastes sour. Next time, I’ll ask my gf to sit on my salad.

  2. wtf?
    it can be tighten!?

  3. I’ve only heard of women using diluted vinegar to cleanse(or douche) the vagina, even though the vagina is a self cleaning organ. I’ve never heard of using vinegar to "tighten" anything.

  4. I have heard of women using vinegar that way, but it doesn’t work.

  5. It does tighten the vagina but only for about twenty four hours or so. Alum will make it tighten it up as well. You can find it in the bajers isle. Also, ben-waa balls, hey are little weights that you hold up in your vagina and it tightens. The balls get smaller and heavier the more you advance.

  6. shantakyontae

    yall better ask mike epps he know exactly what it do his ass told me about it…with his old crazy ass… so now that you guys above answered miss lady question can yall please give me some ideas to make my hid dick bigger because that shit to small but im lying saying it bigger so i dont want him to know that so should i ask him to lay up in some dirt with me from the spa and put ants in his dirt so that the ants will bite that shit and make it swollen up. so his dick can be all swollen up and fat.

  7. SockItToMe

    IT’S TRUE.!! I heard it from Mike as well and That stuff worked.! And it gave me much SMOOTHER skin. So theres a couple uses for vinegar.

  8. GIRL1234

    Yeah, i JUST heard it from mike epps and i wanna do it! but i search everything and anything im thinking of trying. alot of websites are saying it doesnt work or that its bad for you but there are others that say otherwise. oh well, guess im gonna try it. lol.

  9. Yes! It does work, it tightens the vaginal walls, it “shrivels it up”.. If that make sence. It sounds disgusting but it’s not. Ladies definitely want to use it if you want to “snap thay p*ssy back!” -in the words of the comedian Mike Epps. :)

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