what happens if you take male enhancement pills under the age of 18?

i took zyrexin and im 16… i was just screwing around with my friends and we found zyrexin in my dads cabinent….
like will it make me sterile or give me any disease?

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  1. Hans David

    Nowadays, teenagers are very particular with their appearance and personal skills. They have this attitude of wanting to belong and be accepted with the group they’re into. They are being pressured to some standards required by the people around them. No one wants not to be accepted by others. That’s why they strive to do anything to change themselves into someone suitable to their peers. They prefer to be called “cool” rather than “losers”. Porn movies have also added another pressure to modern teens; they need to have big penises to go along those porn stars.

    However, teenagers should never engage to penis enlargement because until their age of 18 and even beyond that, the body is still undergoing its normal growth. Interfering with the normal body changes is totally not recommended because it affects the hormonal balance of the body. Pubescent development is not something a teenager should interfere with just because he thinks he has a smaller than average penis. If you’re really interested in penis enlargement, don’t hurry. Wait until you get the right age and see for yourself if it will make a difference in your life.

    Most men have an average size of penis still there are a surprisingly large number of young men who think that their size is not enough and should be enhanced. The real problem is the fact that the start of puberty comes at a different age for every teenager. Some boys start developing at the age of 11, while others start at an older age. It’s normal for to think that he has a small penis at the age of 16 but that doesn’t allow any interference.

    Boys under 18 should never engage to penis enlargement no matter how strong the temptation. Even after the age of 18, young men should consider their personal situation carefully before starting on a program. Young men fail to ask their girlfriends whether if they’re pleased with their size. It can be possible that your girlfriend thinks you are just big enough for her or maybe she thinks that you only need some extra girth. You’ll never know unless you ask her. Of course, nobody likes a really small penis. If your size is average and you’re under 18, wait and let the penis develop fully.

    And, finally, if you are 18 and have already made up your mind to join a penis enlargement program, and then at least start either with enlargement exercises or an extender. Don’t attempt to use a pump to prevent injuring yourself. You can use weights as a last resort. Pills are risky so you can never be sure to its effect. Don’t risk your health, be smart. Select best penis enlargement exercises or a good extender available.

  2. then you’re gf is gonna be very lucky ;)

  3. PennTupp

    Nothing will happen. No pill works in such a way. Zyrexin is mostly a dose of vitamins and a lot of advertising, and that is the way with any of these products. So don’t waste your time, your hopes, or your money on this kind of crap.

    Maintain a healthy lifestyle — eat right, drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, and be a kind and good person. That will do more for your sex life than anything else.

  4. If I take a male emhancement under the age of 18 will the emhancment still work?

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