Are there any ways to make your penis bigger?

i think mines 5.1 inches erect. I’m 15 years old and my family start there puberty late for some reason. any ways to make my penis bigger? or am i gono have to wait :s


  1. Justtryingtohelp123

    I want you to know. Most men’s penis STOP growing at age 17. Their are 3 ways that will make your penis bigger. But you must do 2 of them the rest of your life. and the third is surgery, but trust me, once you get into your 20′s you won’t care anymore. What you are growing through, ALL boys go through.

    Jelqing is an option and so are pills, both will only increase the amount of blood flow to your organ which won’t make your penis larger but will make it look larger…

    there are always things like, rings you put around your package during sex or pumps right before sex but only work during sex and are temporary..

    if you don’t masterbate then your penis will appear much larger than if you are constantly masterbating..

  2. sashazur

    Even if there was a real way to make it bigger (which there isn’t), you wouldn’t want to do anything anyway, until you were totally done with puberty. That’s the only way you’ll know what size you’ll end up with.

    All those pills and stuff really don’t work. There’s even some surgeries that claim to work, but they’re pretty risky and don’t really have a huge effect on the size anyway.

    So my advice is wait until you’re fully grown, then learn how to use what you’ve got.

  3. stargazer

    nope, i’m afraid not. you’ll grow some more, don’t worry bout it. still gotta few years to go yet. besides, you’re not small

  4. Average erect penis size around the world is 4.5 to 6.5 inches long. You are right in the middle, and you only need to penetrate about 3.5 to 4 inches in order to give pleasure to any woman. The women who like big penises are nymphos who are mentally ill really, and usually it’s all about the psychological effect. They feel that they are getting more pleasure because they know it’s big, but in reality there’s no big difference other that the probable pain afterwards. Think about it, is there any man that has a penis bigger than a whole baby? If women’s genitals can stretch that much when giving birth then really, what difference will any size penis make? There is no way to make you penis bigger, just get over it. I’m somewhere between 5.5 to 6 inches and I know how you feel. Everybody talks about big penises, and I myself am insecure about it. It seems like guys with big penises get more sex, and the girls are always after them, but I have told many of them about the time I had sex 10 times with my wife and they all say “holy shit, how were you able to do it?”. Besides, work with your partner, play with her with your hands. Rub her whole body, kiss her entire body, give her oral sex, make her go crazy, make her beg you for it. Trust me, once you have her to the point that she’s begging for it, when you penetrate her, her reaction will be the same as if you had a monster cock. Try it!

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