The definitive guide to last longer in bed

1. Oral Sex

We are not all born a porn star so this is a nice little cheat that gets around jacking off early

At the top of our list is learning how to give your partner great oral sex for at least 20-30 minutes.
The idea behind this is that if you make your partner cum first by giving here oral then you don’t really need to worry about cumming quickly yourself. If she is satisfied then you don’t actually have to last longer in bed, also after she has had her fun you can then take your time and will find that you are not as pressurised to last longer and will actually find yourself in more control, pleased and happy and this will help you to last longer in bed

2. Masturbation and mutual masturbation

Ok practising slow masturbation is one of the easiest things to learn which will give you some stamina and help you last longer

The best way to do this is bring yourself close to ejaculating then STOP, just wait a little while and then continue when you are about to cum again STOP. Repeat this until you are happy with the time you have managed to last without ejaculating.
The whole idea of this is to learn about your body, this can take some practice but definitely will help you control your mind and body which leads to lasting longer in bed. Once you have built up a nice time you are happy with, try mutual masturbation together with your partner (she masturbates you, whilst you masturbate or give her oral) If you learn to last longer together by mutually masturbating, then you are a very small step away from lasting longer in bed when you have sex for real

3. Stop and Squeeze


Stopping and squeezing your penis is a very well known technique to help you overcome premature ejaculation enabling you to last longer in bed
This technique can be done in two ways, the first is an emergency measure squeeze technique which can be used just before you are about to ejaculate simply withdraw quickly and squeeze just below the head of your penis this should slow the flow of blood and will momentarily stop you from jacking off.
The second use of this technique is not as immediate and does not work as an emergency measure. It is more of a technique that you can use to prolong your sessions, ok when you are having intercourse simply STOP at any time and change position (while you change you can squeeze you cock out of view) or revert to giving your partner oral (by changing position you give yourself a couple of seconds of break which also helps you to last longer) If you are about to cum again simply STOP and change positions again giving yourself another break
By doing this subtly you could possibly do ten or even more positions all of which have a break in them when you swap between positions thus helping you to last longer in bed without your partner even being aware that you are stalling to last longer

4. More sex more often

more sex

By having more sex more often you will build up a tolerance just like you do with alcohol – simple

Everyone has intercourse at different rates, instead of having fun with your partner once a week or once a month or once a day – whatever your rate, multiple your session frequency x2. Having intercourse more regularly will help you build up a tolerance to premature ejaculation, i’m not sure how this works but it definitely does help you last longer in bed, you will find that you will be able to last much longer in the second session

5. Making Love

Rather than pretending to be a porn star try to be more sensual

Ok sometimes its cool to be a porn star but every now and again be a sensual love making machine instead ! What i mean by this is sloooooow it down a bit, kiss her hands, kiss her neck, kiss her upper back and then give her oral for a really long time. Then take your time, go really sloooooow – by slowing the whole thing down you will last longer an added benefit is that your partner will be really impressed that you have actually made a bit of an effort, she will be less likely to be upset if you do ejaculate prematurely but by doing it slowly you will surely last longer

6. Counting sheep

Counting Sheep

This old fashioned method works by taking your mind off your immediate pleasures and replacing your thoughts with something boring instead

Counting sheep or counting whatever you find boring is a way to try and separate your mind from what you are actually doing, i find this technique very hard but a lot of people find it really useful try it out and see if it works for you
The main idea is to think of something that you personally find really bland and boring and concentrate your mind on that thought as much as you can by counting lots of them or picturing lots of them in your mind. This should take your thoughts off the fact that you are having sexual intercourse with your beautiful partner. Helping you to last longer

7. Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises originated to help women when they are pregnant they help by strengthening pelvic muscles that tend to lose strength whilst pregnant, but kegel exercises can also help men to last longer

You have probably already clinched the muscles that are the basis of kegel exercises without even knowing it ! Kegel techniques are based around the muscles that run from the anus to the urinary sphincter by clenching these it is said that you can cut off premature ejaculation. There are lots of online resources and books that go into kegel with detail but the basic technique is to clinch these muscles and hold them for 15 seconds and release, rinse and repeat this procedure as many times as you can
Have a look at some of the kegel resources and see if this technique can help you

8. No doggy style

Doggy Style

We all know that not every sexual position is the same each position can be more erotic or sensitive than other positions

Try as many sexual positions as you can, read a copy of the kama sutra for inspiration, you will find that some positions enable you to last longer in bed than others
Avoid doggy style and other positions that enable you to view your partners vagina and avoid positions that are more sensitive
The best three positions to last longer are as follows, note you can last longer using these positions only if you are very close to each other as close as you can get in fact, if you squat or make a gap then these positions will be more sensitive and you are likely to cum faster
1) body to body missionary position male on top
2) woman sitting upright on top
3) body to body missionary position woman on top

9. Fantasies and role playing
Everyone has sexual fantasies but not everyone takes these to the next level in the form of role playing

Role playing enhances you and your partners sex life but believe it or not it can help you to last longer in bed
This is possible by the stop and start nature of role playing, it means you can get regular breaks into your sexual sessions which helps you last longer, just think when you tie your partner up you are then in control and can take as much time as you need and add breaks whenever you need
Try the teacher/student or the nurse/patient role play but be sure to be the dominant partner and have some way to tie her up (handcuffs or silk scarfs)

10. Pills


Male enhancement products have caused a storm in recent years there popularity continues to grow

Who would of thought that a little blue pill would have caused the second great sexual revolution (the first being the contraceptive pill) of modern times.
Well millions of sexually active elderly gents that thought their rumpy pumpy days were over are now proof that pills can work !

The main 3 products to help you last longer in bed are as follows
1. Viagra
2. Prozac
3. Natural (aka hot rod pills)

Viagra helps indirectly, the main purpose is to pump blood into your penis to get it up this does not directly help you last longer if you can get it up already but where it indirectly helps is by separating your penis away from your mind, in other words you don’t have to think about keeping a stiffy you can just relax and keep your thoughts elsewhere which can help you last longer
Prozac was recently found to help you last longer in bed by regulating serotonin levels in your brain, it is now being prescribed by some doctors who see it as a valuable premature ejaculation drug, both of these drugs are however synthetic and unfortunately do have side effects so you will need to consult your doctor before using them
Some natural pills such as hot rod pills do not suffer from these side effects because they use natural compounds with no side effects – Hot rod pills help by desensitizing your penis whilst also enlarging it, these natural ingredients that make your penis less sensitive are the key to lasting longer in bed.

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