How to last longer in bed for men naturally

Can you actually learn how to last longer in bed for men naturally, or is it a myth is a question many men face, particularly if they are loathe to attempt a regimen of pills that may or may not work. The short answer is sure, there is. Although the sex act is natural, extending sexual pleasure is an art and often has to be learned and then practiced. Not that many men mind the practice at all.

how to last longer in bed naturally

What follows are some simple ways to learn the art of sex and control, and how to last longer in bed for men, naturally.

1. Practice makes perfect and one good way to practice is to masturbate. You control the speed and you can learn to put off the orgasm. Part of the learning involves learning to identify the stages of arousal, and the point when orgasm is inevitable, and when it is possible to put it off for a few more minutes.

2. Do not think about it. It is like saying do not think about the color yellow suddenly all you can do is think about the color yellow. Well with an orgasm thinking about it is likely to bring it on. Instead focus on her, her pleasure the feel of her body against you, extend the experience!

3. Tease her, don’t enter since that will be more stimulation than many men need right off the bat, just tease her clit or just the very sensitive few inches of the vagina. Foreplay is an excellent way to last longer and to heighten her arousal without risking early ejaculation. The deeper you are in, the more sensation you receive and the harder it is to hold back an orgasm.

4. Lotions that claim they have the answer to how to last longer in bed for men naturally usually use an agent to numb the penis and make it less sensitive. It can work, but it is not very natural. Try instead to use a condom, which will discretely lessen the sensation on your penis and accidentally will not rub off and numb her vagina.

5. Letting her climb on top is one good answer to how to last longer in bed for men naturally. With that position, you will receive less stimulation, and as long as she is not riding as hard as she can it can extend the act of sex and both of your pleasure.

6. Pressing against the head of the penis on the urethra can be one tool in the arsenal of the man who wants to last longer in bed without pills. It helps force some of the blood away from the penis and can help you regain control and avoid orgasm temporarily.

The average person lasts about 5 to 15 minutes in bed and how to last longer in bed for men naturally is something almost every man wants to know and very few have fully mastered. It does not necessarily involve pills, creams or even bands, just a lot of practice.

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