Impotence aids

Most men are easily aroused. Show an ad for Victoria’s Secret on TV or watch a hot girl stroll by on a summer day wearing shorts and you guys are on it. But, when you feel the urge without having the erection that usually goes with that urge, you won’t be having that romp with your girl. No erection, no afternoon delight (or night delight either). It’ll be all frustration man.

Impotence aids

You aren’t alone in this. A million other guys have experienced random impotence. When it happens once or twice it’s no big deal. But dude, if it happens on a regular basis, you better head over to the doctor or you’re in for some major disappointment. You could lose your confidence in the bedroom. Lose confidence and you could lose your girlfriend.

But, don’t stress. Solutions are out there. This inability to stiffen up is the primary symptom of erectile dysfunction. It’s treatable. Don’t be too embarrassed to talk to your doctor. He probably went through it a few times himself. Your impotent incident could be caused by a prescription medication, such as blood pressure pills.

Speaking of pills, there is one that might fix you up if you need it. It started out being studied as a possible treatment for a rare heart disorder. During the study, researchers noticed an interesting effect it had on the test subjects. They were getting rock-hard erections without any provocation.

Thus, Viagra was introduced as a sexual aid. Currently the “little blue pill” is the leading remedy for impotence. Viagra is raising rock-hard erections all over the planet. Not to bore you dude, but you should check with your physician and use Viagra as directed. Get it from a registered pharmacist with a legitimate prescription. Stay safe man.

Some men are tempted to take more than the prescribed dose. Good idea? Not! You could end up with a four-hour erection and maximum pain instead of maximum pleasure. Sure you want a lasting stiffy but how long should it last?

So rise up and enjoy all the hot and sweaty pleasure you can get, but don’t exceed the dose. Your doctor gives orders for a reason and that’s to keep you healthy.

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