How to Last Longer In Bed with Hot Rod

To last longer in bed is a goal for almost all men. Some men have practiced the art, but almost no man feels they can have mastered the art of sex and their performance is perfect. Hot Rod last longer in bed pills do far more than just extend a man’s performance and help him delay ejaculation. Hot Rod also can help increase penis size, improve testosterone levels (which enhance the libido and sex drive), help desensitize the penis just enough to last longer in bed and can even help increase semen production. That is an awful lot for one little 350 mg pill to claim but there is more, all the ingredients in Hot Rod pills are natural!

Hot Male Stud

The expression “Trying to gild the lily” refers to man trying to improve on nature’s perfection, and while many last longer in bed products try to do just that, Hot Rod pills focus on combining nature’s own perfect products in a way that enhances sexual performance. Hot rod pills work to ensure that a man not only lasts longer in bed but also has an increased sex drive and the maximum penis size.

One Hot Rod pill can start to work within only 10 minutes and the effects may still be felt 4 days later! Not only can Hot Rod pills and Hot Rod cream help a man last longer in bed but together (or separately) these products can step up a man’s performance, increase penile size and yes, make the man’s penis more attractive by enhancing the blood flow and making the veins more prominent.

The ingredients in Hot Rod pills work together to lengthen the penis, stimulate the libido, increase blood flow and therefore the size of the penis making it not only longer but thicker as well. Hot Rod pills contain Deer Antler Velvet, Diascoria Bulbifera, Polyrachis Vicinia, Radix Smilax Myosotiflora, Butea Superba, Eurycoma Longifolia, and Fructus Tribulus Terrestris and though each of these ingredients has a salutary effect on libido, performance, or penis size, together they create an unequalled combination.

Hot Rod pills are a sure fire way to last longer in bed and enhance penis size and sex drive! Just as important unless a person is allergic to the natural ingredients there are no side effects except a great sex life and improved endurance during sex. A man can even drink alcohol while taking Hot Rod pills!

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