How do you tighten your vagina after childbirth?

Is there a way to tighten my vagina after childbirth? It has been 2 months since my baby and I'm looking for a solution.



  1. minesbetterthanyoursis

    Ask the doctor.

  2. Yes, ask a doctor, preferably a plastic or reconstructive surgeon. I've heard that vaginal reconstructive surgery (as well as surgery on the penis) is quite common these days. Unfortunately, it's not easy to find info and/or pictures about it. I have heard that MANY women get some sort of vaginal surgery – either because of childbirth, car accidents, or just some birth defect that they have.

  3. You have to do Kegel exercises.
    Easy, discrete and very good for your sex life as well
    ;-) )

  4. You can start doing the Kegel exercises.A Kegel exercise, named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, is an exercise designed to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles. The exercises consist of the regular clenching and unclenching of these muscles, which are sometimes called the "Kegel muscles", and form part of the pelvic floor.Basically you clench and hold for as long as u can several times daily you will notice tightening and u will be able to hold longer. which gets your muscles down there back in shape. Hope this helps

  5. RobsVision

    Kegel Exercises.

  6. saintlyinnocents

    Kegels!! I did these exercises during and after my first birth, and it worked really well. There are a couple of added bonuses for your husband as well, but that is pretty much the only exercise you can do that will tighten everything up.

  7. sukhwinder b

    Exercises are the only solution. But I will like to tell you loose or tight vagina is a myth only, Naturally it is a slit type of opening whose walls are opposed to one another just making it a slit but nature has made it so lax to accommodate any size of dick for a good sex, if you think both the partner will enjoy more in a tight vagina, it is not the fact.

  8. Everybody that is giving you advise on the Kegel exercises is right on – It may take a while but it works well for any woman who wants to "tighten up" – One way to test your progress is to try and hold a pencil or similar shaped object in your vagina while you spread your legs shoulder width – At first you may not even be able to hold it at all but as you progress you will see that you can hold it even when doing deep squats – Your hubby or significant other will appreciate all your hard efforts.

  9. Sherie D

    your have to tighten the muscle squeeze in and hold it count 1o to 15 seconds let go repaet as often as you can even while sitting at your desk if you have a sit down job.

  10. yvette b

    do the keagal exercises any time nobody will know your even doing them all you do is tighten up you self as if you had to go pee, do this as often as possible it worked for me with 3 kids

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