What Are The Best Homemade Personal Lubricants?

If you are tired of the costly and overpriced lubricants that are available in medical stores then you would be happy to find out that lubes can in fact be created in your houses and with ingredients which are easily available. Ingredients for the best home made lubes are often available in our kitchens for day to day purposes and this greatly cuts down on the dough shelled out on buying lubricants.

Sex Lube

Make sure it is safe

There are certain points to take note of when using home made lubricants.

- For starters, you must determine whether the lubricant you are making will be used with condoms or without condoms. If you are planning on using the lubes with condoms then you should absolutely avoid any kind of oil-based ingredients in your home made lubricant. This is essential because the oil based substances will fault with latex which is a constituent of condoms and leave you vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and even pregnancy.
- Secondly, there are a lot of ingredients that are useful for preparing home made lubes but make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredient that you are using in the lubes.
- If you have any questions for which you can not find the answers to then you should always take help from a doctor and get your doubts cleared before going ahead with the use of your home made lubricant.
- Use clean jars or containers in order to store your lubricants and make sure that there are no bacteria.

Water Based Recipe

You can use sodium alginate which is available online in order to make a lubricant at home. A cup of water along with a tablespoon of sodium alginate heated at very low heat along with constant stirring in a glass pan will get you the lubricant you want. When your mixture becomes consistent, then cool it down and store in some clean container.

Oil Based Recipe

You can simply use coconut oil without the need for any kind of cooking or preparation. Small quantities of coconut oil are useful for a long time and makes for the simplest of lubes which can be found easily at home.

Flax Seed Gel

A cup of flax seeds along with six cups of clean filtered water is what you need to prepare this lubricant. After boiling the water, add the flax seeds and turn the heat down while allowing the mixture to boil for a little while. After nearly six minutes, stop heating the mixture and let the mixture set. Store this lubricant in the refrigerator.

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