How To Give Your Husband The Best Sex Ever

To make the night a memorable one, without any thing else on your mind, send the small ones over to grandma’s or someone close which will bury your tension for a while. Cook something light, not anything heavy or too saliva inducing. After playing some slow, sweet music in the background and leaving him at the dinner table itself, disappear for sometime and come back wearing anything that is as good as nothing or even a thong with stilettos. Men get visually turned on to the slightest revelation of skin. Walk towards him and sing or talk dirty to him.


Image by Rev Dan Catt (cc) 2.0

Forget your clothes, but not the edible lube!
Suddenly you develop a strong urge to make him feel you. Men love the feel of their woman’s back and breasts. Grab your seat on his lap and while facing him you lead his hands to where you want them to be. Make your first move while you start with his ears. His body is so responsive that he is aroused within no time. During the time continues to have his hands on you, fondle his privates down using the edible lubricant.
When you are still sitting in the same position, bend and go down on him slowly and softly. Men enjoy rhythm, so suck on the man thing very gently and avoid the feel of the teeth coming in the way of such pleasure. After a while, he will have charged himself you give your share of the flavor. Allow him to use the lube on you. He might apply it all the way up covering the anal area as well which is not a surprising action as many men like it. but you know you don’t have to agree to anything unless you don’t feel like it.
While he’s done covering the entire length of you, he is now preparing himself for the real adventure. Going down on a woman is liked by most men. What is nicer is that most women like it too.

When he seems ready to mount you, keep a pillow under your lower back in case you are lying on your back or if you are on your stomach, then place it against your lower stomach area for the both of you to feel the pleasure of deep penetration. This method facilitates in allowing him to reach deeper into you which he otherwise won’t be able to. If you want to take the intensity of your love making to another height then reach for the stairs in your house. Be on your fours a step ahead like a dog and let him go behind you and enjoy the best sex ever!

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  1. How do I pleasure him more than anything he as ever experienced!!!!

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