Male Masturbation Facts

With all the controversies surrounding masturbation, the line dividing the facts from the myths
is very thin. The beliefs of people get more far fetched while the sources of information less
reliable. Masturbation does not cause any degree of blindness nor is it responsible for the spread
of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. The rumours of masturbation causing impotency in
the form of low sperm count in an individual or the belief that it reduces the size of one’s penis
is not at all true. It is also believed that masturbation can cause symptoms of homo sexuality in
few individuals which is not a scientifically proven fact at all. On the other hand, masturbation is
actually supposed to reduce the risk of prostate cancer which is a great thing to ponder upon.

Happy Days

As with everything, even masturbation requires some restraint and over practice of self
masturbation can cause a few problems in the later stages of life. Hair loss, a decrease in the
sexual urge, and people turning addicted to it are few of the problems one can face if one does
not exercise control over one’s desires. Even impotency can be a consequence to be considered
later in life if one continues to over exploit the joy of masturbation. A solution to this problem
can be in the use of male enhancement products which can bring about a greater flow of blood
into those regions where the blood may not be reaching in a normal and adequate manner.

The need to spread awareness about the various false issues about masturbation is necessary for
the teenagers. They have to know what is to believe and what sources of information to ignore
so as to avoid confusion and fear about masturbation. Making them aware of all these will be
beneficial to them in the future and will assist them in having a normal sex life without any false
concerns bothering them. This is essential to all as masturbation is something all do yet fear
surrounds this normal activity which is completely unnecessary. This the individuals should
realize at a young age for their own good.

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