My Masturbation Positions

If you are addicted to masturbation then you can practice is alone or even with a partner. No one talks about it in the open but it is something that most men engage in. there are different ways for masturbating. Men also consider it taboo which is why most refrain from talking about their new techniques.

Masturbation Ready

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Coming up with new ones on your own is the only option!

When a boy/man touches his own genitals it is an act of masturbation. Men are unable to understand what they actually go through but it gives them much pleasure. The knowledge of change occurs when the boy child attains puberty. He begins to explore and figure out things about his own body. During which period school friends and peers play a major role. The boy starts to masturbate, without knowing what he is doing as it out of sheer curiosity. He explores the pleasure seeking dimension to it and continues to engage in it more often than before. He attains ecstasy the first time he ejaculates. And most men continue to indulge in it even when they’ve entered adulthood.
The following are the universally accepted positions for masturbation from which men derive maximum pleasure on their own.

1. On the bed. You can be either face up or face down. Facing up is the more convenient of the two as it helps you in stretching entirely and easily reach climax. To masturbate in this method, you have to use your hand. Ejaculation can be a pain as you get messy all over the navel area. But while you are in the face down position, you just need yourself to masturbate with. Just like when you are having sex, your position is such that your penis is against the mattress. A pillow could help for a much comfortable masturbating experience. As the process is going to get very messy, make sure you have enough time at hand to clean up. Or else you could use a condom to save the post masturbation tension.

2. Sitting is another known posture. Boys take to this often while watching porn on their TV or pc. For maximum pleasure stretch your legs completely. Once you are comfortably seated and reclining you are able to reach a better climax and more conveniently.

3. When there is less time at hand to only to get a ‘quickie’, lock yourself up in the loo, and do it standing. It is the most convenient of them all as the semen can be easily washed into the crapper. It doesn’t let you attain what you wish for but it always is a better option when you believe in ‘something is better than nothing’.

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