The Effects Of Spanish Fly

Research has found a number of uses for the Spanish fly which is found in the southern regions of the continent of Europe. It is a species of beetle which is emerald green in colour and the male of the species use the Spanish fly chemicals in order to attract the females towards them and sexually stimulate them. The body of the beetle is crushed and then dried in order to create irritants but the more potent use of this organism is in its use as an aphrodisiac. People often buy this product in order to stimulate sexual activities.

Spanish Fly LiquidThe Spanish fly has been known to be a liquid aphrodisiac, that is, it can be mixed with any drink like milkshakes etc. in order to increase sexual attraction. It is useful in improving female sexual responses and desires. The use of the aphrodisiac as an irritant is in the sense that it causes irritation in the urogenital tract of women and this has been alleged to increase the need for sexual intercourse amongst women. An itching like sensation is produced in the sensitive membranes in the urogenital tracts of the females which is the cause of the improved desires.

There are certain disadvantages to using the Spanish fly liquid aphrodisiac. This liquid can result in problems such as pain during urination, feverish sensations and bloody discharge. Another more dangerous side effect of the Spanish fly aphrodisiac is that it can cause permanent damage to the kidneys and genitals of a person and both these organs are important to the functioning of the body for different purposes.

Retailers and manufacturers should make sure that the sale of this drug to an individual is only after the consent of his or her partner and every step should be taken in order to avoid the misuse of the drug for sexual pleasures. Some retailers even ask for proof and the presence of both the individuals in order to make sure that the drug is not being misused.


  1. if one shows this product to a gf or finance

    what will be her reaction

    will she mind it
    will she think wrong about me

    will she find that a guy uses this to lure girls

  2. She or he will runaway from u surely

  3. pradeepreddydevarapalli

    i am in india and how i get that product delivered to my place in india ?

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