Free Exercise To Enlarge Your Penis – Exercise To Make Your Penis Bigger

All men are worried over the size of their penis and often it reflects in their personality. They keep thinking that a woman will never enjoy sex with them and hence become low on confidence. The last thing any woman wants is their partner to not have any confidence while they are having sex. However, it is not the end of the world. Are you really bothered about your penis size? We will provide you with a way out.


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This article deals with ways of enlarging your penis.
The PC FLEX- This is the muscle that controls your urination. Exercising this muscle will help you in erection. You can perform this exercise almost anywhere that you are. All you need to do is flex your muscle from where you urinate and do it for five minutes daily, not more.
This exercise will give you very strong erections. This will increase the blood flow to your penis which will ultimately increase the width of your penis. It is an ideal exercise to start with.

The next workout would be holding your penis in an OK shaped hand grab. Pull your penis in the front and stay for 10-15 seconds. Then relax and gently message your penis. Do this as many times with stretching your penis in upward forward left right motions. Do it for 10-15 seconds each. Do not forget the relaxation part between every stretch. If you have difficulty maintaining grip, use towel or paper. This exercise should not cause you pain.

Some exercises may be tough to perform. So we recommend cheap and effective lubrication like baby oil. For this particular one, you need to get aroused about upto eighty percent. When done, again make the OK shaped hand grab. This is called a jelq exercise. Focus on pushing blood to the head of the penis as you move up. Change hands once you’re at the head. Do this at least for 7 continuous days at least 25 times. Do not do these exercises without lubrication.

WARNING: we recommend you against doing these workouts daily as your penis needs rest now and then. You are the best judge about how much gap should you give. It is important to do warm up exercises for 3 minutes before doing this workout. Consistency and belief pays the biggest deal, as with every workout.


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  10. Tr0llzor

    @Najaad a myth is that masturbation reduces penis size.

  11. i have tried to do the jelq excercise, but after two days, i saw small dot of blood under my dick skin, i stopped, i think there is bleeding inside, why? did i do something wrong, plz advice

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