Does putting ice in your vagina tighten it?

I’m trying to find ways to tighten it.oviously i feel like my sex life is going downhill. my fiance streaches it out almost everytime we do it.he is really big. i thought the vagina goes back to its original shape and tightens itself up after a while.
my friend told me it does lol

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  1. c y n t h e t i q

    ice won't do anything but freeze your cooter! Try doing some kegel exercises.

  2. shirley e

    Try some kegels it will help.

  3. khanzadha

    go for a surgery

  4. Lanay A it just makes your vajay-jay cold.

  5. Fiance with big wang…..tough problem to have. Your vagina will shrink at least slightly after sex. Why make it shrink any more if he is the only guy you are going to be with.

  6. hardcorehatebreedchick

    no ice wont help you any lol sorry its funny to me that you would think that but there is something you can do there is a muscle down there that if you work it out everyday for aslong as you can that will tighten it up you tighten that muscle let go then over and over again you will know that your are working the right muscle because to be honest it kinda feels good

  7. nikerunner800

    I dont think so. But i would imagine it would make you a lot more fun for your fiance to eat you out……..

    hmmmmmmmmm, i am suddenly in the mood for some ice cream.

  8. sunflare63

    No, dont try ice now, u could start wiping with aloe vera after u pee, that should help alot.

  9. Um, well it does a little bit. Look we've all [and I'm a boy] we've all been sluts before marriage but past is past and we're nice folks so we just try from now on.

  10. geminidrums

    steel balls inserted in the vagina and held in place might tighten it up. I once heard that. but that does sound a little dangerous if the balls get stuck, you will be the talk at the emergency room. maybe you should be glad your thing is stretched out with that big dick man of your. As long as you have him do not be concerned with how loose you are. Because he will just stretch it out again, and you will be back on yahoo asking another question,
    like how can I shrink my man penis? which of course is have sex with him! :) good luck with that BIG COOCHIE!!!!

  11. No, but in the Middle East they know that ALUM will tighten it-not permanently, but long enough for a good clench! That, from the West, Kegels.

  12. juicypeachs

    NO the best thing is to do the Kegal excerises, trust me those work, i have had two children, and i have been told i am close to a virgin, if you dont know how to do those, sit on the toilet and while your are peeing stop it, then you can do this several times a day, it also makes for better sex, you can control where he puts and how far he goes.

  13. Maybe i could help!?! 8——————)

  14. yikes

  15. Amber T

    Try Kegel exercises. They're designed to tighten the muscles in your pelvic area, and they really work!

  16. weong channel

    If he is your fiance who cares? He will not stretch it to where he has a problem.

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