Make Him Last Longer With The Best Sexual Positions

Among many of the methods employed to cure premature ejaculation, one of the most basic yet prominent one is related to the various postures one uses while having sexual intercourse. The correct posture can prolong the period before ejaculation while the wrong ones can act as the mood spoiler. So therefore it is necessary to know about the suitable postures one needs to pay attention to.

Sexual Positions

Image by Abhishek Singh aka Bailoo (cc) 2.0

The causes of premature ejaculation which are physiological are excess friction, continual rapid thrusting, or too much of mutual movements between the partners. All of this can be related to the various postures employed during sex.

Positions to Avoid: One should refrain from using the missionary position and all of its variants. These require a lot of energy from the male side as he is doing everything. Due to this he may ejaculate prematurely, thus ruining the moment.

Positions to Use : There are two positions that a man can employ during sex in order to delay the ejaculation moment and thus, lengthen the time of orgasm .

The first position is the sitting one. In this position, the women is able to straddle the man who is seated. Here the male can be sitting down on the edge of the bed with his feet on the ground such that the woman can place and wrap her legs around his waist while her arms are around his neck. The male can then enter the female while she sits on him but he does not need to thrust inwards. The partners can move together and rotate their hips to provide a pleasurable sexual experience as the female’s G-spot and clitoris are being stimulated at the same time. This also delays the ejaculation of the male.

The second and the best position for a male is when he is on his back with the woman on top of him. The female mounts the male and sits astride him on his legs. The novelty of this position is that unlike traditional methods of sexual intercourse, this position allows the woman to make love to the man i.e. she thrusts while the man does nothing except relax and enjoy the moment. The male can then bring the woman’s face close to his for an intimate kiss or embrace and this brings away the attention from orgasm and thus delays ejaculation. At the same time, the woman’s G spot and clitoris is being stimulated also, thus she too is experiencing the pleasure of making love.

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