Causes of Excessive Vaginal Lubrication

All women experience a certain wetness in their vagina from time to time. This is what the experts refer to as Vaginal Lubrication. It is a common and an absolutely normal phenomenon. In some cases some complain of excess lubrication which causes panic and worry. Being ignorant and fearful will not help. It is better to know the causes of excess wetness which will be of better assistance while deciding the treatment required for the problem.


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Why do we get excessive vaginal lubrication?

The vaginal lubrication is due to the working of the cervix, clitoris and the labia. Vaginal lubrication serves to clean or remove the bacteria that many infest in the vagina. It also dampens the vagina during sexual intercourse that functions to make the penetration process of the penis into the vagina smooth with minimal frictional losses and also for the stimulation of the clitoris. Sometimes this process can go into overdrive and may cause worry. If one observes excesses of such wetness then it would be advisable to consult a physician to avoid any potential complications.

Symptoms of excessive vaginal lubrication:

Obviously the main symptom is vaginal lubrication that is higher than your normal level. The discharge from the vagina can be many different colours. It can also be sticky or very watery with or without odour. If the colour of the discharge is brown, then it can be indicative of liver poisoning. The causes of such an occurrence are many like birth control measures, etc. If the individual requires an excess use of panty liners, tampons or menstrual pads or if she needs to change her bedding on a frequent basis, then it is advisable to note down the colour, smell and consistency of the discharge which can be then reported to the gynecologist or any other capable physician.

Common causes of excessive vaginal lubrication:

One of the causes of excess vaginal lubrication is the use of birth control pills. Women who fall under this category are diagnosed for the presence of excess progestins which is the artificial substitute of progesterone found in such birth control pills. Due to this the discharge from the vagina can be very heavy, noticeably above normal.

Solutions for excessive vaginal lubrication:

Consult your doctor first to discuss, it may feel a bit embarassing but they will be very helpful.

Hygiene maintenance is essential if one requires to prevent excessive vaginal lubrication. Use water to completely rinse off soap from the genital area and keep the vagina dry after bathing to eliminate irritation and infection.

  • An old wives tale – “Anything that dries up the mouth will also dry your vagina” give it a try some people recommend this.
  • Try using different male contraceptives when having intercourse, ribbed condoms, penis sleeve’s and desensitizing lubes can all help.
  • Douche with plain water, this is a temporary measure and the effects will reverse upon arousal.
  • Try different sexual positions, some positions will partially close the vagina.
  • Kegels and the use of vaginal cones during kegel exercises can help.

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