Ingredients For Homemade Love Potion Oil

There are many a techniques to enhance one’s love life other than dressing up or doing your hair, or using medicines or pills. And one of the most efficient and probably the oldest method is to attract your lover with love potions. Just a few herbs mixed with a few exotic and simple ingredients can get one’s heart racing and blood flow stimulating. Add a little spice to your life and enjoy a natural way of staying in love. In fact, these are one of the most effective ways of having a good sex life. The messages go straight to the nervous system. And the heart feels hungry for more!


Image by snopek (cc) 2.0

Aphrodisiac oils are either used internally, as in by eating, and there are those which can be inhaled. Using this as body oil, or putting it in an oil burner does the trick, but with all necessary precautions. While applying to the body, make sure to apply it on the pulse points such as the neck, behind the knees and waistline. Rose hip oil, almond oil, ylang ylang oil are the three essential oils that have an aphrodisiac effect. Even the mixture of all three oils is as good. Adding botanical extracts to the oil, such as jasmine, vanilla, basil, lavender or rose, prepares the potion. Vanilla is said to be an aphrodisiac attracting men, while chocolate or rose attract women. Basil acts as a sexual stimulator.

Not heating the oil too much, mix all the scents together by adding the botanical ingredients. Experimenting with different scent families is alright, such as fruity and florals, but if in doubt, keep the scent families together. For instance, the bergamont flower mixes well with fruits such as mandarin orange and lemon.

But, precautions must be taken before applications of all such potions. Use the scents like you use your regular perfumes and scents. If one is pregnant, it is not advisable to use lavender. Keep the oils out of reach from your eyes and from flammable objects. Essential oils are highly inflammable. Remember, these oils are only for external use, and its ingestion is a health hazard. It should not be allowed to enter one’s most sensitive areas, enjoy.

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