Last Longer Creams

There are a multitude of things and methods to finding a solution to last longer in bed. When it comes to time, it comes to stamina. Of Course, men need all the energy that they have in order to satisfy both their partners, and themselves in the process. And here we lay down a simple method to actually helping one last longer in bed, and make love all night long.

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Anesthetic creams can be applied to the penis. The Health-Disease Organization as well as the Vastim website states those medications, such as anesthetic creams, that contain lidocaine or prilocaine reduces sensitivity along the head and shaft of the penis, hence slowing down ejaculation. Induced ejaculation will not occur even with the overwhelming pleasure of sexual thrusting.

The cream after its application should be washed with a mild soap or removed with a cotton cloth removing it in downward direction toward the head of the penis, 20 to 30 minutes before intercourse. It is highly advisable that the male read the directions given by the cream’s manufacturer. Because the cream makes the penis less sensitive helping it to last longer, not washing off the cream may make your partner feel less sensitive too. And, it isn’t necessary to apply the cream on the testicles.

Another method is to apply an anesthetic cream of one’s choice and then, inserting the penis with the applied cream into a condom. This method may come out to be sensitive for some, but it helps in controlling very severe cases of premature ejaculation. Basically, while some may apply the cream and remove it before intercourse, some keep it on while wearing a condom which in turn acts as a barrier to the vagina, but still lets you enjoy the effects of the cream.

The Mayo Clinic states the, over a period of time, using a cream or lotion to squeeze the shaft of the penis and stimulate the ejaculatory reflex will in turn, delay ejaculation and help in achieving longer sexual activity. This technique of squeezing the penis with the help of creams or lotions, just before intercourse, is known as “Squeeze Technique”. You can make your partner help you perform this technique, or you can do it yourself.

These simple, effective, and proven methods of having a lasting love making session will really keep you happy and sexually active.

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