Embarrassed About My Small Penis

There was a time when I was embarrassed about the size of my penis. To me it looked small, even in an aroused state. I thought, surely this was not what nature intended. So I started looking for a way to correct this situation, which in my mind needed to be done to improve my own self esteem and body image.

I looked and looked, trying to figure out a medically approved and proven way to permanently increase the length and thickness of my cock. Having it longer without addressing the small circumference would not do. I looked at pills, supplements, and pumps… none of them struck my scientific mind as being realistic ways to create a longer, thicker penis. If anything they looked to be a lot of hot air.

What is small anyway?

I knew about how height differences between two legs are dealt with, by using a controlled break and tension, doctors had learned they could force the body to grow more tissue. All the needed to do was to increase that tension slightly, a little at a time, to keep the growth steady. Since the penis has no bone, it looked to me like tension might do the trick.

I was far more worried about trying to use something that was unsafe then making a quick gain, so I looked carefully at the products offered. Since I had excluded the option for a penis pump, I knocked out the Bathmate aqua-pump. If anything a pump, either using air or water, would only give temporary results. I wanted something that would provide lasting results instead.

Dana Medic (DanaLife) makes two different types of tension devices. One is called the Jes Extender and the other is called Male Edge. The primary difference between the two seems to be cosmetic although the Male Edge is about seventy dollars cheaper. The Jes Extender and the Male Edge both use traction which has been proven to work to create longer, thicker penis sizes. My concern was not cost, but rather quality. I noticed that both websites for these products are geared toward European sales which to my mind made them perhaps less then ideal. Since I was not planning on anyone seeing this device in use I hardly needed it to look “cool” either.

I then checked out the Size Genetics device. Not only did the website include ample scientific proof that the device worked, but the item itself in both picture and video looked to be high quality. If I ordered it and found it was shoddy I could turn around and send it back for a full refund. Needless to say, this device works for me. I went for the testimonial offer to get a refund on the full package. While I believe that the Jes Extender and Male Edge are fine products and do work, it is Size Genetics that made me feel as though there was no risk of trying the product. There is no reason to remain embarrassed about a small penis size when tension extenders can make you longer and thicker.

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