Getting Caught Trying On My Wife’s Clothes

If you happen to be sexually adventurous then you have, undoubtedly, at one time or another, considered trying on clothing that is not “typical” for you. This can be to aid a fetish, as part of a role play situation, or just to ease general curiosity. For me, it started out one way and developed into many other situations.

I have always had a fondness for how certain things looked. I enjoy latex, leather, corsets, heels, and various types of hose. My wife has had the fortune to have bought some things that went along these lines for various role play situations or Halloween costumes. Wearing her heels is simply out of the question. If I want high heels I need to order them special. Otherwise, my wife is a tall lady, just right in size for me, in many ways, and I find that a good number of her things fit my lanky frame. I’d never pass as a woman, so it has not been about trying to get all dolled up or anything.


I do have fetishes though, and my wife’s leather corset, no matter which of us might wear it, is extremely attractive to me. Of course the time I first noticed my reaction to it, she was wearing it. If I had not already been madly in love with her, I likely would have been after seeing that item on her.

It took me about a year to get up the nerve to dig it out of the area where we have it stored with our other leather items. I spent a couple of months just pulling it out and looking at it. I tried, first, to use compression bandages to mimic the feel I imagined from having it on. That only helped so much though. What I really wanted was to put on a flowy skirt with nothing under it and layer that corset over the bodice of the dress.

My wife happened to have a silk black dress that was part of a witch costume that I could get into fairly easily. I started with that, and had no problems slipping it on and off over the course of about a week. I had not dared add the corset though. Well, there came a time when my wife had to go on a manager’s meeting for the company she worked for and I chose to try adding the corset while she was gone.

There was no intention on leaving the house, mind you. I was not trying to pass as a woman at all. I get the dress on and pull the corset out. I have it on and i’m lacing it when the doorbell rings. Normally I’d just not answer it, but in this case it is my in-laws and they have a key. As I’m pattering as fast as I can away from the hall closet, they are opening the door. My father-in-law is saying something like ‘maybe they are both out’ and my mother-in-law spots me as I slide into the bedroom and out of sight. It’s clear enough to her,  that she screams and there’s a crashing sound of a bottle hitting the floor…

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