Does anyone know of a homemade cream for tightening the vagina?

To make it feel tighter

Most Popular V Tightening Creams And Sprays



  1. Karma Police

    No, but have you tried kegels..?

  2. hswinseattle

    lol less sex oughtta do it

  3. JuicyPrincess0823

    I don’t think there is a cream, but you should try kegels…pregnant women do it after they have their babies to make everything tighten back up…

  4. Twice as Nice

    Do Kegel exercises… it’s like when you start and stop peeing mid stream… tighten the muscles between your legs… that will make you tight again. Search kegel exercises on google for more info.

    No creams are going to work.

  5. Yes, I have some but I will need to apply it myself.

  6. nope, just exercise those muscles

  7. Steve H

    Hard to know unless there is a reason it is loose

  8. Tropicana

    I’ve been working on just that! I personally have religiously done my kegels and I’ve also used a cream (amazing china shrink cream). It’s only active ingredient is Potassium alum! Me and my husband have great sex but sometimes you just want a tighter fit, or something different. I’ve also researched what’s in all of the other creams, Virgin again, Instant Virgin Spray, etc. And all of their active ingredients are basically the same. Some sort of astringent, like Potassium alum, pure witch hazel, vinegar, aloe vera gel (pure), glycerine, which are all easily available at the drug store, herbal store etc. More exotic ingredients include Curcuma Comosa, Manjakini, Dried Sirih leaves, and argireline. As far as the comments left from other ppl about doing the kegels and stop having sex, ummm it’s widely practiced in the east to use an astringent after birth and just for daily washing with the sirih leaves. So don’t be so narrow minded & grow up. I’ve also found that people wanting tighter anal sex (don’t know why you’d need it tighter?) lol use hemorrhoid cream! WOW! So I’m deff going to try to make my own for a hell of a lot cheaper than this other crap, that you have no idea what all is in it. ;0)

    Peace & Love

  9. I would like to know where can i buy the tightening cream or spara in south africa,port elizabeth

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