How do i make my penis bigger?

My friends say i have a small penis. They all have 7 to 8 inch penises and mine is only 6. I was wondering if there is a way to make my penis bigger. I am 15, as are my friends.


  1. first of all how do you know how long they are? did they tell you? as a general rule guys add about two to three inches when asked (some even double their length).
    as for what is normal slightly less than 6 inches is normal. so you are in the normal range. congrats!!
    there is no way to make your penis larger. there are many companies who make the claim that they can but they are all snake oil salesmen running scams. so be happy with what your size is because trust me it is long enough to please most women. (perhaps men if your into that)

    don’t believe JA3! I think its just a salesman trying to sell you another scam! think about it, if there was a penis enhancement that actually worked, you would be hearing constant news reports about it. remember what happened with Viagra? if you talk to a real doctor he will tell you what I’ve been saying be happy with your size. six is normal!

  2. NudeNude

    6" is average for an adult, I suspect that your friends are all lying.
    At your age you still have around five years more to grow and so will definitely end up with a larger than average penis, chill, you will be ok!

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