Is there a way to tighten up my outer vagina lips?

I want them to look like when i was 21 again, any ideas?
how long is the recovery, my husband gets back from england in a few weeks and i want to suprise him for our 25 anniversery


  1. Some plastic surgeons will do what is called a vaginal rejuvination. It can be costly but what it does is tightens all the muscles and pulls up anything else you want tightened. Talk to a plastic surgeon about it if you seriously consider it.

    Just make sure to pick a good surgeon. Do your homework on them :)

    On healing, it will probably take several weeks up to a few monthes. Just talk it over, the doctors can probably give you an average estimate. You also have to be extra careful during sex after healing to make sure you won’t tear or injure yourself. While healing, take lots of vitamins (like C) to help the healing process.

  2. brianwv64

    Plastic surgery can easily correct this.

  3. hehehehe…go to a plastic surgeon.

  4. visit the your doctor,mostly is by sewing it up a bit.

  5. MonsoonLove

    Besides plastic surgery, kegal exercises are SUPPOSED to help, try em. Look them up online or something. The most common one that I know of is holding your pee and letting it out slowly. lol sounds weird, but I guess the fastest way is plastic surgery.

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