is it true that putting vinger in your bath water and tighten your vagina?


  1. No….not at all. Surgery is the only thing that can actually do that. Though kegal exercises can make the muscles around there stronger so it could feel tighter

  2. Turn N Burn

    Do you mean ‘is it true that putting vinegar in your bath water can tighten your vagina?’

    I couldnt really understand the question.but anyways I doubt it.

  3. wesleydocksteiner1988

    no but if you put lemon juice on it it will.

  4. BreBre S

    I heard that before to, i think it does.

  5. RochelleSC

    I’ve never heard of anything like this. How would vinegar tighten your vagina? Your vagina is inside your body and when you’re sitting in the tub, only a minimal amount of the bath water will get a millimeter or so up inside…. so I don’t know where you heard this, but it’s NOT true.

  6. There is an ancient legend about that but not with vinegar, actually i’s with comfrey herb.

    Best thing is to exercise your muscles.

  7. DR.mathew Bazian

    no that’s not true vinegar will shrink it during bath but then it will go back plus vinegar will effect it a lot so i think you should just take medicinen

    If you really insiste ill give you the medicinen name but as a privet msg not hear

  8. Only by guys leaving you alone because of the smell of vinegar, well I guess it will then, I believe there is a cream made of Alamon or something of that nature that is suppose to work.

  9. I don’t think any part of the chemical structure of vinegar can give it such an ability…
    however I assume you’re trying to tighten, pelvic exercises can strengthen the muscles around that area to make it seem tighter (my friend was kind enough to share this with me. I don’t know personally, I have a penis.)
    But yea, you’re obviously expressing an interest in tightening, vinegar in the bathwater is one of those things to try and spur people’s gullible side. Kind of like "gullible isn’t in the dictionary" etc. Try it if you like, just to set your mind at absolute rest but I can almost guarantee it won’t work. Pelvic exercises are the best means of doing this.
    I hope i’ve been of help :) Dan

  10. here4fun

    just stop having teh sex then u wouldnt have so much beef curtains

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