How can I make my penis bigger and thicker?

I am looking for ways to make my penis bigger. I don´t really like it how it is. I´m about 7 or 7 and a half inches long and about 4 or 5 inches thick.. IDK… Is that good? I dont want to use pills or pumps or nothing like that. I would just like tips on what I can do or eat or things like that. Please help, and dont say sex will help cuz at the moment I am single.. So yea..


  1. Jill York's

    Hi Danny
    look guy I know it’s not what you want to hear but truthfully there is no way other than surgery you can do what you like to it there is more chance that you will end up damaging it
    no one I repeat NO ONE has ever increased the size of their penis not even a m/m with any of the rubbish which people are answering your question with in fact some of the advise you have been given is positively harmful
    they may have convinced themselves that they have but there wrong it’s all down to your genetics and apart from surgery there is nothing anyone can do
    at 7 to 7.5inch that’s a good size and a 5 inch circumference is great no sod great its perfect be happy with that 99.999% of girls will be why risk doing harm to it

    Jill X

  2. Alwaysright

    You are just looking for someone to tell you what a big impressive dick you have. If it’s really that big, go to a bar and show it to a drunk girl to get your self esteem boosted. You know perfectly well you have a bigger than average penis (if it’s really that big).

  3. Hi Dude, u hv got a nice healthy tool….so dont try to manhandle the nature…..otherwise..u may not remain useful to opposite sex….

    so pl do not experiment on the Precious Tool of yr Identity on this Planet…

    otherwise…I warn u ………….that u may land up ….where u shall have to think and decide..while filling any Form …asking yr Gender… Male/ Female..
    so Dear Watch out

  4. Dude, first off, I wouldn’t worry about the size, you’re plenty big for most women.

    If you wanna go down the route of getting bigger then the only safe and reliable way is penis exercises.

    I know it sounds crazy but there’s particular exercises you can do that will add an extra inch or two in length and 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter.

    They’ll also give you longer, harder erections and make it possible for men to have MULTIPLE ORGASMS as a side effect!

    I’ll recommend the eBook I used below, check it out.

  5. eli perez

    first of all i believe we only have like 6 inches of room in there and can’t even feel anything past the g spot, which is probably like 3 inches in. so i don’t know why guys worry about length so much. and if your frickin weener was really 5 inches thick you’d be in porn. AND u would NOT be coming near me with that monster lol yea…. that all i gotta say bye lol

  6. KK88's Supersoakin Hippos

    Your hand doesnt care how big it is, maybe you should try getting a girlfriend first

  7. There are natural ways of thickening and enlarging your penis. Some involve penis exercises called jelqing.

  8. hey, u-haul called, they said you owe them for trailer rental.

  9. Your penis is larger than average so be satisfied with what you have. There is no way to enlarge it.

  10. You have a nice sized penis…Don’t worry about changing it….

    But if you are dead-set for trying to enlarge it, you could try some exercises, and if you want to rethink the pills, Extenze works…at least it did for my guy…..

    But as I said before, I wouldn’t worry about it…unless you are looking for a straight up hoe to please….

  11. Dale Tackett

    My penis is 7 1/4″ long and 6″ around how can I make it longer like 8″.

  12. ha ha your lieing if u was 7 712 u wunt b on here people make me laff

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