Any tips on how to make your penis bigger without pills?

I would like some advice on how to gain some inches or girth to my penis. Its pretty good sized now, but hey the bigger the better. (serious answers only please)


  1. Anyone who says in this thread that penis pumps don’t work have not tried one. They definitely do work. Most of the actors in the adult films who sport large members show the tell tell signs of being "pumpers".

    But, like in sports, you have to know what you are doing. Plan to pump twice a day, three days a week, working up to 30-45 minutes each pump, if you want long term results.

    The most important advice is to purchase a first pump that is only about 1/4 inch wider than the circumference of the girth of your erect penis. Make gradual increases to keep the look natural during your program. In general during the first 3 months of your program your gains are temporary. and if you stop pumping for 2-3 weeks you may lose most if not all of your gains. If you are relatively consistent for 4-6 months, some of your gains will be permanent. But remember, during that 4-6 months you will be looking better and better all the time. Not to mention that every minute of pumping feels good. Real good.

    You will typically gain girth first because as soon as you pump the penis will swell up to fill the sides of the pump. Stop pumping when the length reaches about 1/2 inch further than your normal erect size. Of course you can pump it a lot further than that but you will most likely end up with a distorted bloated shape below the head of the penis (called a donut ring). Although that too will go away in a day or two, it is ugly looking and is a clear sign of someone who pumps with too much pressure. Over time you will need to purchase the next size up in your pump cylinder. Expect to end up owning 3-4 cylinders. Don’t buy one too large thinking you will grow into it. That will result in a distorted shape to your penis and could cause strain and tears in the shaft.

    Unless you are rich, start off buying a cheaper $29-$39 plastic pump until you detemine which circumference size is right for you. Don’t worry about the length yet, all of them are long enough for any beginner. There is no difference in results that you can get from the cheaper vs. the $150.00 models as long as you can get a proper fit.

    If you are over 18 you can go to and search on Penis Pumps for Groups you can join. They aren’t that good but it’s one place to start.

    The most comprehensive site I know of is It is a free non-porn web site but you have to Affirm you are not underage before you can access the Home Page. At the Home Page, go to the tab How To Pump (top of page). The left panel on that page outlines an informative Guide to the best and safest way to get results.

    Members to this site submit photos of their results, however, these are usually of men who go for oversized bloated looking sizes that are very unnatural looking. If you want that, fine, but the guide will teach you how to keep it natural looking.

    Note: To some of the other responders to your question. Yes the penis pump really does work. The penis is not a muscle, it gets erect by way of blood flow through soft tissue. Results can be as subtle or as enormous as you want. As the months of pumping add up, the longer lasting the gains will be and you will eventually make gains that are permanent.

    There is no other comparable way of achieving results like this.

    good luck

  2. IM pretty sure its not possible…be happy with what you got.

  3. curt_409

    penis enlarging pump

  4. It is possible, sort of. Drink pomegranate juice or eat the fruit itself. I read Mens Health magazine a lot and there was an article about how it clears your arteries and whatnot, making a stronger blood flow, and it thus makes your penis bigger if you have a stronger blood flow. I noticed a difference, and I also lasted a lot longer too.

  5. Repeat after me.
    Abra kadabra Pe nious el large girth biger(yes one g) longista el metera.
    There you go. One extra meter.
    Repeat as needed.

  6. skrubz69

    Enlargement pumps MAY work for a few minutes, that is until the blood rushes back out of your penis. Even if it does work for a few minutes, you have to pay for one that actually works.

    Exercise it just as if you would exercise any other muscle in your body to make it bigger. I heard it works…I have a vagina, so I haven’t a clue if its true. I don’t see why it wouldn’t though. Every other muscle we work on a REGULAR basis gets bigger right?? Put your towel on it every time you get out of the shower and lift the towel up and down. Do it on a regular basis and hit me back and let me know if it works!!

  7. Thug Angel

    Lol, jelquing (spelling?) is something that makes ur erections much firmer/harder and controls ejaculation, if u wanna try it out google it (kegel exercises) it also increases sperm count…but make sure it’s done properly…

    Otherwise, width is better than length…if it’s 2 big, girlz won’t like it, it’ll just hurt them

  8. robert y

    Sorry! All the pills & pumps that are hawked don’t work. Accept what God has given you & get on with the rest of your life.

  9. Rub bleach on it and then soak it in grape juice for 15-17 minutes and you will seriously see a 2-3 inch improvement within an hour.

  10. caylo2ooo

    there is no pill that will make your penis bigger, there are pills that say they will, but they lie. the only way to make your penis bigger is with plastic surgery. they cut the entire penis out of your body, and pull it out and resew it back into place. if you feel under your skin, there is more penis underneath- that is the part they pull out for extra length, i would think that this hurts a lot. i saw the surgery on tv.

  11. Get a girl to give u head it’ll make it bigger

  12. Just grow another one, and stack them on top of each other until they get to one mile

  13. Obrien watson

    My dick was tinny but then I started punching it and having dick sword fights with my friends and it grew 5 inches

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