This is not a question, is a suggestion; I use lime juice to tighten up my vagina.?

I know it sounds weird but as an African, we were thought and we learnt about so many things on how to tighten the vagina, to commit abortion without medical or any insertion but through drinks and all that. How to prepare a birth control drinks and all that.
Often I have serched this site to hear a woman mention about how to tighten up a loose or weak vagina and all I see is ”kegels and douching”.
Let me say this;
If you want to tightne up your vagina and at the same time prevent it from smelling fouly—use a lime juice. It removes the bad smelling bacterias and keep it clean, especially for those who like to be touched and sucked down there.
Bear it in mind, am not a medical expert but am sharing my knowledge based on what I know and what I have tried before.
If you want to know more you can add me as a friend or email me so I can teach you cheap and local ways African women handle their business without violating any rules.
For those of you who think am joking, go ahead and purchase pills that will not only make you dizzy and uncomfortable. But here am only talking about home made drinks that prepare a woman for marriage and childbirth. Africans knows best.
@ the one you love to hate; You must have been infected with a mouth odor that deprives you from smelling things but rather pushes back your own odour to your self. Don’t worry I can help you.
As yourself in the moderns days how women prevented themselves from misfortunes like this.
Well I use this and I know it works 99 percent so thats why am sharing. Don’t reply stupidly if you don’t know it.
Knowledge is infectious.

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  1. da one yu love to hate

    maybe thats why black girls vaginas smell bad…

  2. romanian princess.

    Wow that was very intersting never heard of using lime juice. haha i learned something new today, thanks:) i’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

  3. Wow! I am an African too, but i am from Haiti. They always know the perfect herb to solve a solution without going to any doctor or spending your money.

    That is pretty coll of you, you should open a website where you give people advices.

    I am 16, and can i use the lemon juice to keep it tight?


  4. τнɛ ʟονɛ ԍυʀυ ♥

    Due to the shortages of lead and metals during World War II, toothpaste was packaged in plastic tubes and have been ever since.

  5. JUST @ a glimpse of this whatever you want too call it …youre out of your mind chit a lemon a lemon chez us and you WONDER and yu use it too smell good as well as birthcontrol hahhahahahaah any girl ive ever seen dont use lemons for hygine (thats a adult word for cleanleness ie house-hold or your body lemons not included) so ….while in africa do as the africans but dont tell me (swm) that you can be comfortable after some lemon juice squeezed over the vagina ?im not gonna knock it eigther ,but it seems it would dry you up a bit and thats wheres the tighting sensation is ,its got too be dehydrated your vagina has to have some moisture there its part of the female anotomy ….. if you are out of the place that practices this ask a doctor lemons are lemons not peaches ………………….

  6. Hey , could you gimme some insight on how to tighten my vagina the african way , cheers.

  7. hello afrian lady. I would love to know more about the lemon trick. as well as how to bring your period down earlier, if youcan help. thanks

  8. does it really work the lime juice thing????

  9. While I was at work today, a couple of co-workers and myself were having a discussion about this. One of the African sisters that I work with said that lime tightens up the vagina also. I just wanna say thank you, you confirmed exactly what she said, I thought it was just a myth. Can u please email me some info on the birth control drink. Thank you

  10. ladybug

    would like 2 hear more about tighten your vagina

  11. I was seein will the lime juice dry you out and how long does it last for. I would like more tips on how to keep my vagina healty and tight!!!!! Thank u

  12. Thank you very much for the lemon information. I am an African women and know that these things work. Can you please email me with more herbs that are availble here in North America that we can use to tighten up.

    I appreciate your help

  13. this is nice, i would also like to get directions on how to use the line/lemon, &know the available herbs i can use to thighten mine. Tanks for the info though

  14. forgot to add, available in Nigeria, Afica

  15. Hi I haven’t tried the lime juice yet but I plan 2 in the morning :) . But the reason I’m commenting on here is I was wondering if you could email me I have a question and I hope you have suggestions 4 the answer. Thank you very much 4 your time.

  16. so apply this limejuice
    how do you

  17. Berveline Tandoh

    pls am a virgin with a broken hymen can i use lemon juice to clean my virgina and also whiten my private area. Also i learnt lime juice tight up the virgina is’t true. Thank U

  18. How do u apply the lime juice and how many times a day or times a week to tighten the vagina? And do you have any suggestions for clearing my face?? I’ve never had skin problems with my face but now I’ve been breaking out a lot. Thanks!

  19. I would like to know the exact thing teetee asked this is very interesting to know.. THANKS!!

  20. Look here:

    Its apparently bad for you. Just sticking water up there is bad so no duh this would be. :/


  22. i will like to know more and how to use the lime juice. thank you

  23. That is a bad idea. The vagina is self-cleaning. A woman should not mess with her PH levels and using lemon/lime would do so; as well as douching. I don’t know why they sell those things. Unbalanced PH levels could lead to infection.

    Vagina’s do not really stretch. They are more elastic. For instance after birth, women go back to their previous tightness and sometimes even tighter (after recovery). There really is not much difference in tightness between women.One should not be self conscious about how tight they are. If one’s partner says anything about it, it is most likely not you . He’s probably on the small size.

    If you still feel you are not as tight as you want to be, kegels are the way to go.

  24. I tried using lime juice o lemon t doesn’t burnd as da way u pipo said.I guess t might work let’s fr da result

  25. hey a white gyno docter will tell u not 2 clean visit a black docter they will tel u that place has 2 b cleaned !?! want more info on vaginal tightenin and everything

  26. vanquisha young


  27. please email me for some of those remedies. . Thank you

  28. HEYZZ, i was just wondering if you know how to lighten your virgina colour. Mines gone brown and it use to be pink. PLZ HELP

  29. Hi I was wondering if you have any at home, safe, natural abortion tips. I’m not that worried that I am pregnant but it’s always nice to have a backup. Please tell me more about the lime juice procedure or any other tips you may have. Thanks in advance!

  30. Send me lemon remedies please

  31. Iam soo glad you wana share your knowladge with us..anyone here who wana talk can email me and ya i rly wana know about oool those wayz we..thy surely will come in handy

  32. I would like to know more about tightening my vagina and orgasm stimulants. I am slow at having orgasms during sex. He will last for hours trying to make me cum, but I have a hard time getting there.
    Is there anything that will help me climax faster, harder and possibly in mutliples?

  33. Plz i also want info about orgasm, i don’t usually have one during intercourse.

  34. What’s your email address..I would love to find out more on homemade remedies, thx

  35. hi, please give advise on how to tighten up vagina.

  36. hi please give method on how to use lime to tighten up vagina also i have very small breast what can i use to enlarge them, i heard african can enlarge them and see results within 14 days

  37. She isn’t answering any questions Ladies! So that tells me she’s a fraud and consult your doctor on information about your vaginas and not someone on the internet! Its your bodies and second rate advice is only harmful and a bit ignorant if u ask me! How are u women born with a vagina but know NOTHING about it.. Smh. Go to your GYN!

  38. golyn zinger

    tell me more

  39. MisBaibe

    Wow that was so helpful.
    How do i apply is it with bath water or the lime water alone?

  40. am interested in d birth control and a clean vigina pls i need to chat with u thank u

  41. How do you use lime to tighten a vigina?

  42. nyce article…..plz email me, wd wish to ax sth

  43. i know that lime can tight the vagina but how often can i use in a day or in a week and pls can u tell me other herbs that can help aswell, thanks for ur information

  44. Oh l like ur advice can we talk more on my email.

  45. Thanks so much. Can u pls email me on how to apply the lemon juice and how many times do I have to apply it?? And pls give me more African herbs used for tightening.

  46. pls can u send me informations as to how often i can use lime in a day and for how long i can use it. am so desperate.

  47. My vag has been pounded countless times. it is now “loose as a goose” as my boyfriend say. I tried kegelz and that wuz sum bullshit. I like your lime idea, does it matter what fruit? I heard pomegranite and melted butta works d best after a hot baff. I’m on medication for gential warts and it work. I hope this dont mix with the fruit i decide to apply to my coochie. THX Lady africa.

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