How can you tell if youre girlfriend is cheating on you? vagina tight or loose?

How many days does it take for the vagina to tighten back up after having sex? and how many times does it take to make it lose?
so if we hadnt had sex in like a month and then it was loose. That doesnt mean anything?

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  1. joannelb88

    The vagina is very elastic so it only stretches out an unnoticeable amount. the only time that a vagina really stretches out is when giving natural child birth…even then it is barely noticeable

  2. that depends on the girl and how strong her muscles in that area are
    and you cant really tell if shes cheating on you based on that

  3. aheuauheauhehahuehuaehuaehuaehuaeuhaeuhaeuheuhauhauauhauhauhaua

    so funny! If you’re gonna waste time doing it, just find another gf who is loyal to you

  4. It all depends on how much they move around.
    I’m gonna be honest and it will probably get my answer deleted cause some people on here are as ridiculous as the guidelines..

    But one time with my ex girlfriend, I hadn’t seen her in like a month cause she went away on a trip.
    Our first time messing around since she got back, I noticed that it was a little loose down there.
    She’s not a very active person.. But a month?!
    So I asked her about it and she basically reached into her drawer and pulled out the toy that she used just two days before..

    So you’re gf might just be playing with herself.

  5. I really wouldn’t use that as evidence for your girlfriend cheating.
    If you really cannot trust her, maybe you shouldn’t be dating her.

    BTW it is different for every girl.

  6. googalyfrog

    your paranoid, why not just ask her? or dump her if your that obsessed?

  7. Kris is right. you cant tell by that unles your some kind of super genius. if you dont trust her end it. no relationship lasts without trust.

  8. I don’t think you can really tell by how "tight" or "loose" she is.
    Some girls are just made differently.

    Honestly, if you think your girlfriend is cheating on you, then you should either talk to her about it and see if you can believe her or not.

    And if you can’t, then you don’t have any trust in that relationship, which is a major problem. Relationships are based on trust.

  9. Can you park your parents car in her? She’s either cheating or a valet.

    HA! Tight or Loose doesn’t mean much. Perhaps she loves herself because your not the man you think you are.

    If you have to question her fidelity to you you probably should not be with her.

  10. Well it takes like a whiiiiiile was my understanding for both so to get tiight shed have to lay off sex 4 a while and 4 loose shed have to f**k alot

  11. Dimmy Dimwit

    If you have nt hit the sweet spot that many times in your whole doggone life, what do you care about a cheating girlfriend? On the for real that aint your problem, if its tight or loose or if she’s cheating or not! You ought to be glad to just be getting some. You don’t own nobody and nobody owns you. Man, just TCB because you can’t expect honesty in a dishonest society. Don’t worry, just be happy!
    WTF ..tiTO don’t kno what he’s talking about. He don’t get none. I can make women big down there whether they move all over the place or lay there like a fish.

  12. milkmakingmama TTC#2

    I have had an 8 lb baby and a year later I am just as tight as I have always been (I know this because hubby is large and it only took a few months before it started to get harder to get it in there again). Having sex a few times is not going to change your vaginal muscles. She CAN however tighten it by doing Kegels!! (if you don’t know what that is, Google it)

  13. First off if you think your girlfriend is cheating you then you need to talk to her.

    Second, the female’s vagina doesn’t "loosen" unless she has kids. Even then it’s designed to tighten back up after the fact.

    The myth of "easy" girls being "loose" is far from true. The vagina is a muscle, it gets wet when aroused, Which makes it easier for the penis to go in.

    There is a muscle that a female can tighten, men have it too, when a female flexes it, it tightens the area. It’s an exercise that doctors have women do after they have given birth (to tighten the muscle itself back up).

  14. Yes we can!

    If she hasn’t recently had a baby and you can stick your head in her vagina then she’s cheating on you.

    So what the vagina felt different after a month of no sex. tight or loose, that theory will never constitute cheating. If that’s the only evidence you have then you have got some serious issues.

  15. Maybe you have gone ‘smaller’ instead?! Why do you question your gf fidelity? Obviously, you don’t trust her or did she cheated on you before?

  16. eyes_of_gold19

    Well, you are using something that is not a sign of cheating. You have to remember that girls have sex toys as well and you will not know if she is cheating due to the tightness of her vagina. If you are really suspecting her of cheating you need to come up with a creative way to catch her in the act. That is the only way you will know.

  17. dont worry about it

    what if its just really salty and i mean like saltier than it should be and shes not wet does that mean i’m tasting some other guys dick, i really dont know i dont go aorund tasting dick (i am serious about this question btw) or what comes out but i immagine it would make tyhings a little saltier down there

  18. mrscorpio1216

    This must be a female sponsered site,because all I have read is that
    if you suspect your girl friend is cheating then somethings wrong with you,you got trust issues,bla bla bla… O no that sounds like the thinking of a (single) woman or a gay man..if you suspect she is cheating and you ask her and she cant or wont answer the question,if she smells funny,if her size 5-6 vagina
    is now a size 9-10,if she calls you D and your name is mike,if she jumps and flintches all of a sudden when you touch her,talks in her sleep..all these are shure signs that she is no lady,not a woman
    but a sneaky freak that only other sneaky freaks understand,it dont mean that you got problems with trust it means that your spider sense is workin just fine,so get your Game face on and play ball…

  19. i have had sex many times just recently a 12 days ago with my ex boyfriend.Just a few days ago i hooked a real nice man and i want to give him all the pleasures possible,iam just not sure if my virgine is tight enough to give that pleasure

  20. HeyThere

    You can tell that most of the responses are from women. Do yourself a favor and don’t listen to them. Any woman in your predicament would be asking the same questions about her boyfriend, looking for some kind of answer to catch him in the act.

    First of all, there is nothing wrong with you. The vagina question is actually a good question, and it’s true if you can catch them within a day of two of having sex with another man. Yes, a woman’s vagina stretches, but it will usually fit to the penis that it’s used to. If the vagina is exposed to something larger or smaller, it will stretch to that size for a couple of days. That’s a fact.

    I had sex with someone who cheated on me days before, and found out about. During the act I noticed that her vagina was much larger and felt strange. Come to find out, the person she had sex with was wider in girth than I am. That explained the entire mystery afterwards.

    So, don’t believe these idiots that your gf’s vagina can’t be used as evidence of cheating because it can.

  21. Girl responding

    I am a girl and I agree with the response above me ( hey there).
    He is right about one thing, the vagina molds to the size of the penis that it is used to. A womens vaginia size doesn’t change, some women are naturally looser then others even if they have never had sex before. If you notice that her vagina is looser then what you are used to then chances are she is fooling around with someone else or just recently started using a sex toy that is bigger then you.

    However if she cheated on you a week ago, then you wouldn’t notice it because the vaginia goes back to it’s normal size after 2-3 days if she had sex with someone bigger then you. Chances are she cheated/ used a sex toy a day or two before you guys got intement. The only way to know is by communicating, you cannot have a relationship without trust, respect, or communication. And just because you have communication doesn’t always mean someone is being honest with you, but look at her reaction when you confront her, go with your instinct, your instinct is never wrong if you are really in tuned with yourself.

  22. me and my girl were together for seven years, ive been told im a paranoid person. but i just have a feeling something happened in the past or is still happening. we had sex 3 times a day everyday for the first three years its slowed drasticly to once every 3 or 4 days now. also when we first got together she was alot tighter it feels like three years in everything changed she got looser alot looser everytime i mention it she makes me feel horible about it, and if i ask her if she cheating she gets really defensive and mad, but i am after bringing it up alot of times before which could be whats pissing her off i just got this gut feeling and i cant shake it can anyone give some real advice please she is the only girl ive ever been with and im supose to be the only guy shes ever been wit, so it is a big fear of mine that she got curious to try someone else we r talking about gettin married but i dont want to if something is after happeneing already please ease my mind one way or another

  23. i need some advice i met this girl 2 years ago she had only had sex with one guy 3 times i was still a virgin 8 months after we met was the day wen we got married my friends always told me ejaculate b4 yu have sex so i did but wen we had sex i couldnt feel any pleasure but she loved it to the point were she bled so couldve it been my fault for ejaculating or was it loose i trust her nd know for a fact she didnt cheat or play with herself bcz shes a jehova witness so any advise ???? =(

  24. i had sex with my girlfriend many times, at least a hundred times, one time i had sex with her and she felt super duper loose, it hurt my feelings. she doesnt use sex toys im sure of it,. she always has a snug tighness and one time it was sooooo loose, i come to realize she is a dirty cheat, and has a addition to cheating and falling in love while being with me. she now sees men with this drool and it drives me nuts. i realized my girlfriend gets a rush out of sleeping with men . from 7 times a week, i now cant get hard and have to take viagra,.
    she discust me, and yes, if a very loose vagina does mean she is cheating. i think alot of women are just protecting themselfs and other women….they are gaurding their secret.

  25. Leviathan

    JESSE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Women love sex just as much as men and use flirting and their bodies to know if they’re liked, and then once somebody else’s dick get hard around then THEY WILL HOP RIGHT ON IT SO AS NOT TO WASTE THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHECK OUT HOW MUCH THIS GUYS JUNK STRETCHES THEM OUT. My slut g/f of almost 6 years names Tabitha I. has been using her hotel to snag other cock. When I asked her she got angry, mad, very defensive – and then screwed up and got caught up in a lie.



    Forget the immature brat and screw all her friend and everybody else you can and level the playing field.



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