Can vinegar really tighten the vagina (walls)?

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  1. Vinegar in the vagina will have no tightening affects. Don’t do it. Douching of any kind is not good. It is harful, and vinegar will definately not have any positive affects.

  2. im_the_one_dear_fella

    ive never heard of it really but for some stupid reason i put acohol in it and it was burning like Fck

    ask a doc or something

  3. No but it can give you an infection.

    If you want to tighten your vaginal muscles do kegel exercises.

  4. No it’s not true and I imagine it would really burn.

  5. T.Johnson

    Yes it Does…Woman have been use
    Vinegar for years to tighten they
    Vagina…Just put 2 tablesnoops in your bath….& Douchinq tightens your vaginal wall too…

  6. melissa sahadeo

    tried the muscles technique to tighten the vagina is there any other herbal remedies that i could use to tighten my vagina

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