Does alum really tighten the vagina if so how much u use and what is the procedure?

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  1. probaly so but it will make you partners penis pucker

  2. Whats alum? Never heard of it. Don’t try it. STop "doing it" and your vagina will tighten automatically.

  3. chriscrosschrist

    Never put any foreign object or substance in your vagina without first consulting your doctor.

    If you must tighten it, try some squeezing exercises. That will give you more control of its tightness and increase pleasure during intercourse.

  4. The only person who can tighten your vagina is Christ. What I mean is that you should only think of Christ frying on the cross for your sins when you are having sex. That way the sex is more holy and you feel Christ inside you. God bless. Hope the advice helps!

  5. Very old fasioned and used to be used on lips further north. Suggest checking out some exercises, alum will make you very dry. Nice.

  6. wtf, why would you want that done?

  7. Try a simple tightening exercise. You can do this sitting down or standing up.- Imagine the penis is inside of you and squeeze… You’ll get good at it and he’ll feel the difference.

  8. ya’ll just need to shut up!…alum really do works…it tighten the walls of ur vagina,,and u can find it in ur supermarket in the spice ile

  9. Peppy, Can you tell me if it drys u out? I want to try it don’t want to experience dryness.

  10. the lovely

    alum works ive used it a few times and i was very satisfied with the results it didnt dry me out either

  11. alum is great try it

  12. How do you use the alum then. I got some but not sure where to begin
    Can i just put it into the bath water? How long should leave it on my vagina?’

  13. Crush it in2 powder n insert abt 1/2 tsp in2 vagina n leave 4 10 mins then rinse wth cold water. Dry insyd wth a dry soft cloth. Tightnes wil last 4 20 to 60mins

  14. what is alum and where do I find it and how do I use it. I will know if it works just tell me what I know other people can weight with their comments for now. I need help

  15. I like the comments of the lovey. Please share with me what is it you did with it so I can do the same. I have need for such help

  16. My marriage of 6 months is gradually fading away. He makes love to me like 3x a month. I feel maybe my vagina is loose and he does not enjoy it. The last time i beg for sex, he got angry and asked me what kind of dirty talk is this. Dt nite he slept in another room. Pls do i have loose vagina or is he having an affair? He is 29 and am 26

  17. If you care about the long term health of your vagina, then you definately wont do a stupid thing like use alum. do your research, alum is an irritant, and can seriously have long term effects on your vaginal health!

    there is an awesome new product that i have been using, and it contracted my vagina within 60 seconds, and it doesnt matter what time of night or day that you apply it, as the natural active ingrediants, continue to work throughout the day, and the best part, is that the next morning when i woke up and went to wee, then when i wiped myself, and felt that my vagina was still gorgeously tight..

    and the best part is that this product is 100% natural, it smells and it tastes great.

    so please, dont use alum. it is very dangerous for you!

  18. helen hall

    I was thinking about trying alum but I saw the comments patracia made and I wondered if she would share with me the name of this awsome new product…

  19. Pls, what is the name of the awesome new product.

  20. how do i use it.wot is d name of d

  21. helen hall

    what is the name of this awesome new all natural product patricia ?

  22. Hi i have a been wanting to try alum for a while and am interested in how it is applies and how it is to be used and how many times to use it please answer m back at my e-mail.


  24. Patricia is lying

  25. I also want to know about using alum worried about infections it sounds grate, but to good to be true.

  26. I would like to know what product is safe to use inside for tightness.

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