Does drinking vinegar tighten your vagina?

Someone told me that yesterday and i just want to know if its true

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  1. lmao i doubt it they were probably just tryin to have a laugh lol u shud tell them that u tried it lol and say it worked he he lol just to wind them up lol and ask them when did they try it lol go on you cud get them back

  2. pinhead_hey

    No, no and errr no.

  3. No, it is not true.

  4. haha! Then I wouldn’t have one. The only way to tighten it up is by doing kegels or not having sex at all.

  5. US!!!*** I think

    if you want to see if it is real try it out! Yum, chug chug it!

  6. catsmeowjrk2000

    Absolutely not. Try doing kegels to tighten it.

  7. NO NO NO NO!!! Only keagle exercises and surgery can tighten vaginal musculature.

  8. mz. sassy [beautifully innocent]

    nope, but it is a way to lose weight although i don’t think anyone wants to do that b/c it tase nasty lol.

  9. No sorry . That woulds be cool but it is the way it is unless surgically dun you gotta klive with what you gotta live with what you got


    no i doubt it
    although it’s funny

  11. Seems most people think not, Jackie.

    On the other hand, TASTING vinegar may cause a little pucker down under for the same reason it does in your mouth -that stuff is sour and strong! And so, you kind of shrink up all over when you react to the taste.

    As to the longevity of the effect, and its possible impact on your love-life, I suggest a long period of testing and careful note-taking followed by a full report from you.

  12. robocop48

    Don’t know about for women, but I once mistook apple cider vinegar for regular sweet apple cider and took a big slug…and this old boy’s rectum clenched shut, ball retracted up as far as they could go and several other physiological reactions occured…luckily, it was all temporary…LOL

  13. erm…no. Try Kegels, as other people have suggested.

  14. dapistolpete06

    No it wont but putting vinegar on yur pussy will help u! But how loose is it becuz u might have a problem.

  15. jezebel700

    The best way to tighten your pussy and keep it tight…… to do 300 kegal exercises a day. Even better, your pussy will be even tighter if you perform kegals while having sex, therefore you will have the tightest pussy by having more sex. The pussy is surrounded by a wall of muscles that strengthen as you squeeze on a dick while having sex. Imagine all the weight and force behind that dick as your pussy is being penetrated. Does that make sense? If you don’t have much sex your pussy will get lose because the muscles will atrophy. All skeletal muscles atrophy when they are not used. So if you really want a tighter pussy have lots of sex!!!!!!

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